The Schönhauser is automatically reconfigured

BerlinParking at Schönhauser Allee – from next year this will not be possible legally in a section of 720 meters. The conversion of the section between Eberswalder / Danziger Strasse and Gleimstrasse / Stargarder Strasse is scheduled to begin at the end of this year. There, the road will have protected bike lanes on both sides and wider sidewalks. Berlin Mobility Senator Bettina Garach and Bankow District Council Member Manuela Anders Granetzky (CDU), presented the plans Monday.

2.50m wide bike lanes will be built where cars can still be parked on the edge today. About 150 parking spaces will be removed. Instead of barriers, concrete barriers will ensure that vehicles cannot reach these areas. “With the diversion, cyclists have enough space to pass and are therefore safer on the road than before,” the department said. Today, many cyclists are forced to share narrow, high-altitude bike lanes that operate in pavement areas. Overtaking is difficult there, and the curves at the tram stops lead to additional dangers. Again and again there are conflicts with no less heavy traffic, which also have to be content with a small area. This square will be given to pedestrians in 2023. They said that this will make the sidewalks wider.

Loading areas in secondary roads – and on roads

There will continue to be two lanes for car traffic, one of which will be used by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) tramway as before. A new limitation is that the right lane is open for delivery and loading traffic at certain times of the day. Otherwise, this traffic will be handled through loading areas on the side streets, according to the planners – which could lead to the loss of additional parking spaces.

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Schönhauser Allee in Pankow District is part of Federal Highway 96a – an arterial road used not only by many cars, but also by 10,000 bicycles between 7 am and 7 pm only, according to one count. The diversion will implement the Mobility Act passed by the House in 2018, a cycling plan and a decision by the Pankow County Assembly. The state of Berlin, represented by the District Office, transferred project management to the state-owned GB infraVelo GmbH, while the Senate Mobility Department secured financing. The sidewalks are being redesigned by the district office. “Construction is supposed to start in the last quarter of this year and be completed by early 2023 at the latest,” it said on Monday. The conversion was supposed to start in the middle of this year and end in the fall of 2022.

The senator promises more quality accommodations

“Schönhauser Allee is an example of how the former distribution of space on public roads needs to be changed,” said Mobility Senator Jarasch. “But if we give more space to city-friendly and climate-friendly transportation, everyone will benefit because cities will become more livable. Thus, the future section provides more space for cycling, walking and sitting together. This means better accommodation quality for everyone and more safety for the many people who ride bikes here.

“Schönhauser Allee is a very important transport link in Pankow, but it is also a residential and shopping street with shops and restaurants. Through the planned redesign, despite the city’s limited interior space, we are able to take into account different usage needs and improve the situation for cyclists and pedestrians.” District office. “It is important to achieve improvement in commercial traffic and delivery in the current planning phase and to establish appropriate loading areas.”

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