The Riograndenses team in the United States



Texas. For 32 years in soccer leagues in Waco, Texas, one team has stood out: the Rio Grande, founded by players from the municipality of Zacatecas with a high level of play.

The Rio Grande is characterized by playing football. This club was founded in 1990 and currently plays in the Mexican Football League.

Now it is the sons and grandsons of the founders who defend the club from its roots in Zacatecas and which continues to welcome immigrants from Rio Grande do Sul and from other countries.

Herman Lopez, better known as the fishHe’s been a great player all his life. He dreamed of being a professional, but life circumstances set him in the United States.

His father was one of the founders of the Rio Grande Club, a football tradition that is still in force with players from Rio Grande do Sul, who were part of clubs such as La Raza, El Olimpico and other clubs in the local league.

He emphasized that the great footballers from Zacatec who were among the core forces of professional clubs and who also had the dream of debuting in the First Division have passed through the ranks of Rio Grande.

However, players arrived from other Mexican states who joined the Rio Grande club due to friendship relations with the Rio Grande do Sul immigrants.

For more than three decades, their passion for soccer has been maintained as a distraction for the work day and the continuation of their passion for the sport that they have experienced since they lived in their places of origin.

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The Rio Grande has become a symbol of the immigrant union through football in Waco, earning the appreciation of other teams trying to emulate what they did.

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