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Among the news coming to Netflix in January is Archive 81, the thrilling TV series inspired by the hugely successful podcast of the same name. The series follows the adventures of Dan, an archivist tasked with restoring some of the 1994 videotapes that will lead him to a dangerous story. Let’s get acquainted together with the release date, plot and actors.

Archive 81 – Alternate universes It is the new original TV series Netflix Which will premiere this month on the streaming platform. Consists of eight episodes, the first season will be available From January 14. The series is written by Rebecca Sonnenstein (The Boys and The Vampire Diaries), in her first role as a presenter, and produced by Camis Wan e Mikhail Clear.

Archive 81 Freely inspired by the podcast of the same name, but as conveyed by the writers themselves, it refers to the classics of the genre of shining a unknown files e margin Taken as sources of inspiration.

Archive 81: The Conspiracy

Netflix, & # 8220;  Archive 81 & # 8221;: d data & # 8217;  uscita, trama e castAnd Turner By profession isArchivist He accepts the job in which DrRestore a bunch of old videos From 1994. Since the material is very delicate, And He had to do his work in a secluded place where the cassettes are located.

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Employment consists in rebuilding a business Documentary Melody Bendras But Dan ended up getting involved in a series of Investigations he’s one dangerous sect. The series continues two parallel planesOne follows the protagonist’s story and the other focuses on Melody’s previous research. A special bond is created between the two that convinces Dan that he can save the woman from what happened twenty-five years ago.

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Translators and Characters

Netflix, & # 8220;  Archive 81 & # 8221;: d data & # 8217;  uscita, trama e castThe 81 cast archive consists of:

  • Mamoudou Athey in turn And TurnerHe is a brilliant and solo archivist.
  • Dina Shihabi in turn Melody Bendras, the student author of the documentary film;
  • Martin Donovan in turn Virgil DavenportThe billionaire who hired Dan;
  • Matt McGorry in turn Mark HigginsDan’s best friend, and author of a podcast titled Ambiguous Signals;
  • Julia Chan in turn Annabelle Chu;
  • Evan Konigkilt in turn Samuel;
  • Ariana Nile in turn jess.
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