The Rally of Finland will run in Jyväskylä until 2023

The city communications director announced the agreement

The Finland Rally will not be held this year due to the Coronavirus

Raleigh Finland has had to suspend its release this year due to the Coronavirus, but it is already thinking ahead: it has announced that it has reached an agreement on the next three editions of the event, from 2021 to 2023, and will remain based in Jyväskylä.

The Municipal Plenary Session of the Finnish City agreed to the agreement with the event promoters, AKK Sports, associated with the Federation of Finland – AKK Motorsports – for years, after the local promoter was forced to resign due to the costs of organizing he-she.

It was the communications director of the city who announced the municipal agreement, so only now the official announcement by the promoter of the World Cup and the organization of the test will be necessary, which should be pure measure.

Passing the exam necessitated a federal change of name. Due to the environment in which it is held, the traditional name of the 1000 Lakes Rally has been changed to Finland.

The agreement strengthens the cooperation of local authorities with the test and will to make the march safer and more sustainable, with greater services for the masses and greater economic impact in the region.

The event’s original name was Jyväskylä Suurajot, “Jyväskylä’s Great Race”, and it dates back to 1951. It is considered the Grand Prix with gravel, and is one of the fastest rally in the world championships. The terrain of the area is small hills and the great difficulty is that they are in the many slopes where cars fly several meters and in some cases in the middle of the curve.

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It was precisely the mastery of local pilots to take them at full speed, apparently in the air, that forged the myth of the flying Finns, the Flying Finns.

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