The program will be a key to countering the US veto.

The Penalties The US imposed on Huawei had a major impact on the Chinese company and its products. The domino effect of a North American veto led the Asian manufacturer to analyze an option He moved to software development to mitigate the blow.

Report from Reuters To confirm Ren Chengfei, Founder of Huawei, asked employees Dare to lead the software world. This way, the company will find an alternative to Determinants Suffered in their hardware-related business.

If the manager’s idea succeeds, Huawei could take the fight to a faraway land The United States will not have many tools to exercise its power. The Chinese company expected Joe Biden to reverse his predecessor’s decision, but he wasn’t there New signs From the White House.

Depending ReutersRaine’s request is based on the fact that the field of software development is “outside the control of the United States”. Even the founder of Huawei confirmed this It will give them greater independence and independence.

Software will be Huawei’s key to facing US sanctions


In the memo sent to the employees, the founder of Huawei had recommended He highlighted open source software.

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