Sailing: Finland joins the J70 National Maeloc, introduced at La Corua


05/12/2021 –

TheThe plaza of the Plaza de Mara hosted the Beta de la Corua Official presentation of the Spanish Maeloc J70 Championship. It happened in an unusual place, because at the gates of the Herculine Municipal Palace, the organization responsible for Marina Corua and the Real Club Nutico, Two of the best boats that will be in this homeland are located. On one hand, Bosch service solutions To be commanded by Spain’s current Fenn champion, Corus Miguel Fernndez Vasco, and has several crew members from Viva Mxico. On the other hand, La Guardia & Moreira from Lucense and based in Vigo, Gonzalo Arajo, is one of the best Galician stories of the past decades.

The Headed by the First Vice-Mayor of La Corua, Juan Ignacio Borrego; He was accompanied by Sports Counselor Monika Martinez and Port Authority President Martin Fernandez.

They completed the presidency of the act Anna Rosado, From Maeloc and Guillermo Blanco for El Nutico and Ramn Ojea on behalf of J70 Espaa Class and Chuny Bermdez de Castro who was the host; As Chairman of the Organizing Committee of this country and Director of Marina Corowa.

The It was the legendary oceanic pattern that opened the separation of the interferences, Being very satisfied with your ability to organize such a good maritime event in the Galician waters: “This tournament is an excellent way to promote the city and Nutica and it is imperative to highlight the support that the various institutions give us at all times, as well as Maeloc who in J70 turns this citizen”.

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Finnish champion Miguel Fernandez Vasco with Gonzalo Araujo and a crew from FIFA Mexico City.Pedro Siwan

After that, Monica Martinez and Martin Fernandez intervened. The closure of the Juan Ignacio Borrego Act. In their turn everyone expressed Satisfaction as the event is taking place at La Corroa, as well as a shared commitment to the future in support of marine sports, The three finally agreed on the awe-inspiring nature of the venue chosen for the show.

Two important recordings were received. First, that Fins boat Revalence led by Henrik Thelen and operated by Magnus Borg, Joanas Dromberg and Jan Osterman, Which belongs to Brndo Seglare in Helsinki.

The other, Sail Cascais competing for Cascais Marine Club, of which he is sponsor The legendary caa lisboeta vasco serpa And from tactics to the first woman in Portuguese sailing, Mafalda Peres de Lima from Club Villa Atlántico de Lexis. Olympic team Diogo Pinto, Guilherme Gómez and Joanna Azevedo completed.

Wonderful atmosphere in La Coroa before this event, which throughout Thursday will see its day of checks and measurements. The competition itself begins on Friday at noon.

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