The prisoner had a six-month-old phone in his stomach

Prison inmates often bring opiates and telephones into their cells in a very unhygienic manner, which sometimes, if complications arise, can cost them their health, and even life itself, which the young man feels almost on his skin. Namely, he had a mobile phone in his body for six months, from which he did not want to “get out”.

Muhammad Ismail Muhammad was brought to the emergency room with severe abdominal pain, and a CT scan revealed a foreign body in his intestines. The man was prepared for the operation, and the doctors were able to remove the object, which turned out to be a small mobile phone wrapped in plastic paper.

In the first such case in Egypt, doctors at Aswan University Hospital in the city of the same name performed an operation to remove a small mobile phone that had been in the intestines of a person for about half a year.

Doctors didn’t remove the plastic foil protecting the phone until the police arrived, but it was clear what was inside the protective plastic layer. The patient, who is now said to be stable and eating normally, confirmed that he had swallowed the device six months earlier, as he had done in the past.

Muhammad told the doctors that he had actually swallowed a small mobile phone, so he wouldn’t have to hand it over to guards in case he was being searched, but that he always sorted it out for the “other party” previously.

He filled it up, used it to talk to people outside, and then swallowed it up again. Only this time he didn’t throw it away for half a year, but he didn’t worry too much about it, so he continued to eat and drink normally.

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The man said he had never felt bloated or had constipation, but one day he started having severe stomach pains and was then taken to hospital, where doctors said he had acute inflammation and an intestinal infection, but it could happen. It would have been much worse had the phone not been wrapped in plastic wrap.

One of the doctors who operated on Muhammad told Sky News Arabia, “Having a phone in the abdomen may cause the intestines to be blocked or distended, so we were able to remove part of the intestine, but fortunately this did not happen.”

“Swallowing, like the world’s smallest mobile phone, is common in prisons around the world, but I doubt anyone else has lived with one in their stomach for six months,” the doctor said.

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