The price cut system is back with new songs after nearly 15 years


Serge Tankian’s “Chop Suey” has become a politician when it releases two new songs in an effort to raise awareness of the conflict in their home country, Armenia.

Ice Showbiz Heavy Metal Rock system of a Down They released their first new music since 2005 in an effort to raise awareness of the conflict in Armenia.

The Armenian-American division led by the confrontation commander Serge Tankian, They have three number one albums in the United States to their name but have been inactive for over a decade.

In a surprise move on Friday (06 November 20), the group dropped two tracks, “Protecting Earth” and “Genocide of Man,” in solidarity with the Armenians under fire from Azerbaijani and Turkish forces during the unbalanced conflict.

A statement on the Hitmakers website reads “Chop Suey”. “We as System Of A Down just released new music for the first time in 15 years.”

“Now is the time to do so, as the four of us have something very important to say as a unified voice. These two songs,” Protect The Land “and” Genocidal Humanoidz “speak of a dangerous and dangerous war committed in our cultural home in Artsakh and Armenia.”

“We are proud to share these songs with you and we hope you enjoy listening to them. Moreover, we encourage you to read to learn more about their origins and once you have done so, I hope they inspire you to talk about horrific injustice and there are now human rights violations.”

They continued to urge fans to speak on behalf of and donate to those affected by “crimes against humanity” that allegedly occurred during the conflict that began over the summer.

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The songs are available for purchase on Bandcamp The website – where all royalties go to the Armenia fund – provides much-needed supplies to those in need.

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