MSNBC’s “Father Map” is shown by Steve Kornaki as #chartthrob

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Election followers commenting on every vote census in the hotly contested US presidential race this week found a spark of joy from Steve Kornaki, MSNBC’s national political correspondent, high-energy math and khaki.

The election may be divisive as President Donald Trump grapples with Democratic challenger Joe Biden, but Twitter appeared to be united in a love of Kornaki’s skills in fast math and his ability to work hours on end without sleep.

The fun started on high alert when Twitter calls Cornaki “MapDaddy” For his marathon appearance in front of a giant American map used to track sophisticated sound ranges.

“My Sexual Orientation is Corneille With Calculator,” TV writer and producer Brian Fuller of Hannibal and Star Trek fame chirp.

Comedian Leslie Jones has shared several Kornacki videos enhanced with her own caption, Twitter, “I think I love him.”

Twitter may be blurring the lines between love and lust. New Yorker Team Writer Emily Nussbaum arrived with a timely evaluation for Kornaki fever: “There is a distorted period during every political crisis when people suddenly feel so thirsty for newscasters and now is the time.”

Kornaki has been trending hard on Twitter this week, he He got custom emojis for him That popped up with the hashtag #TrackingKornacki. The analyst showed up on a blue and red chart.

Twitter wasn’t the only one to fall in love with #chartthrob. TikTok users fainted from mental math gymnastics very.

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MSNBC host Ali Velshi was just as mesmerized by Kornaki’s stamina as we are. “Sometime over the next few hours, I’m going to actually confront Steve Cornaki and physically push him toward a bed somewhere, and then I’ll mimic him in the big board for a few hours. Felshi tweeted Friday morning. “Restrictions may or may not be included.”

Kornaki has some serious political pieces. Besides his work as a TV reporter, he is the author of the 2018 book The Red and the Blue: The 1990s and the Birth of Political Tribalism.

Kornacki gained 165,000 new followers this week, According to Siobhan Murphy From the Twitter Communications team, she now has over half a million Twitter followers. Dad admitted the map to his loving fans in A. Video posted by MSNBC on Wednesday. “I just wanted to say thank you,” he said in response to all these sweet, friendly and sweet messages on social media.

As the count continues, Cornaki appears to be making use of a piercing well of energy, which he is credited with in Interview with GQ To Diet Cola and Adrenaline. One day, this election will be over, but Kornaki will remain the duly elected leader to the hearts of the spectators.

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