The PowerVision S1 is the ultimate tech gadget, and that’s why

With the S1, PowerVision has succeeded in creating the ultimate smartphone installer. This is the reason why it is such a unique product.

Smartphone mounts are becoming an increasingly popular accessory. However, most of them have been limited to this one installation feature. With S1, PowerVision, Already known for its drones And other cameras, simply I managed to build not only the ultimate installer, but even the perfect smartphone accessory. The perfect companion that will replace all your accessories.

While it’s certainly a 3-axis stabilizer, the PowerVision S1 isn’t limited to that, on the contrary. More than just a stabilizer, it is in fact the accessory that will act as the nerve center for content creation on smartphones. Protective cover, mount, wireless charger and camera holder at the same time. You have everything in one place easily. A true all-in-one device, ready to meet all your needs. The demo video summarizes its capabilities:

PowerVision S1: Ingenious 3-axis stabilizer

As with the main function: three-axis stabilization device. The PowerVision S1 has the world’s smallest motorized stabilizer. It will compensate for all your subtle gestures and movements for smooth tracking shots and avoid all uncontrolled user shakes. If you’ve ever tried to shoot something at arm’s length, you know how big a difference it can make in terms of perceived quality, and whether you use the front camera for all your vlogs, or the back camera for shooting. Positives. Finally, to ensure perfect framing at all times, the PowerVision S1 is even capable of following the user automatically when they encounter the smartphone.

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You will of course also find the usual controls on the grip with a joystick that allows you to manually adjust the direction of the stabilizer to perform shots like the other usual control buttons. The phone still works perfectly and besides, you will be able to play with the traditional parameters of the device as well as the different video and photo modes that your device offers.

conservative tripod

If 3-axis stabilization is the core of the PowerVision S1, the brand knows it’s now commonplace to stream live content. If you can manually shoot yourself for vlogs, you also often need to use your hands free on a regular basis. That’s why the PowerVision S1 hides a tripod in its handle to switch to streaming mode. The presented modularity will make it possible to easily switch between manual rotation and “on foot” rotation.

This is ideal, for example, if you want to take a close-up photo before returning to the Face Camera. This is done in three movements. A foot that will also be very practical for working remotely if you use your smartphone for video conferencing.

Intelligent magnetic attachment system

If it works with all smartphones, the iPhone 12 will be the perfect companion to the PowerVision S1 that can rely on MagSafe to stick to the smartphone. For retention, the PowerVision S1 does not use a clutch system like most fasteners, it relies on MagSafe to plug and unplug in seconds. It is noticeably more practical and also more elegant. At least that’s the case with the iPhone 12.

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You can also invest as an option in a protective case by itself that integrates the system for added flexibility. When you don’t need it, just unscrew the mount and keep the cover on to protect your phone from falling out, and when you need it it will be attached within a second. It is particularly well thought out. In addition, this shell includes a small foot for placing your phone. There are cases of many smartphone references which means that PowerVision and even without it, the S1 remains compatible with all smartphones because the traditional mounting system is still there.

Integrated wireless charging

PowerVision S1 also works as a wireless charger // Credit: PowerVision

Automated installers almost always use a battery to power the motors, and often this also helps to charge the phone along the way. The PowerVision S1 does this even better because it does it wirelessly, which makes it more compatible with the iPhone 12 (as well as all other phones that have wireless charging). So it can act as a wireless charging station when you need it. Either charge your smartphone at the same time as the mount with a single cable overnight…or charge accessories on the go like AirPods Pro for example.

A full set of accessories to go further

If the PowerVision s1 is really a complete product, you can go further with several accessories: a cigarette lighter charger, a larger tripod, the protective case with the built-in mount we are talking about above, or even various magnetic mounting systems, for your car in particular, Which is quite practical to use your phone’s GPS.

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In short, here’s everything the PowerVision S1 has to offer:

  • Compact and foldable shape
  • Works with many smartphones
  • Lightweight
  • 3-axis active stabilization
  • Lots of accessories available
  • Works with all your favorite apps

The PowerVision S1 is now available for pre-orders via IndieGogo, By ordering now You can benefit from a discount of approximately 50% on the item.

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