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In many Roman Catholic dioceses in Germany, the amalgamation of dioceses or independent dioceses is referred to as a “pastoral” space

October 9, 2021 article

pastoral space

In many Roman Catholic dioceses in Germany, the amalgamation of dioceses or independent dioceses is referred to as a “pastoral” space.

Since according to the regulations “CIC” and the Catholic Church Asset Management Act (“#VVG”), on the one hand, the parish must always be filled with a priest, and on the other hand, due to the shortage of priests in the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, not all of them in some cases In some parishes, the formation of pastoral spaces is used to ensure pastoral care without the need to incorporate churches.

Reverend Elmar Quante

Elmar Quante was born in 2000. On the Feast of Christ the King?? Presented as a priest for the Diocese of Sankt Pancratius. With the creation of the parish assemblies in the archdiocese, he was also entrusted with running the parish assembly Gütersloh Mitte-West in 2003, and at the beginning of January 2004 he was in charge of the vicar of the parish of the Holy Spirit. After Reverend Michael Carsten left the parish assembly of Gutersloh Süd with parishioners of Saint Brother Conrad and Liebfraun, he was assigned a management position in November 2010.

In February 2015, with the retirement of Reverend Victor Primus, the Vicar General made him responsible for the pastoral association Gutersloh Nordring with the parishioners of Christ König and the Holy Family. With the transfer of Reverend Marcus Corsus to Verl-Sürenheide, he was also put in charge of the pastoral network at Avenwedde-Friedrichsdorf. The parishes of Herz-Gesau and Sankt Friedrich belong to this pastoral network.

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Meanwhile, the diocese of Paderborn began offering parish rooms. Of the approximately 240 parish associations, 88 parish rooms will be established, including the parish room in Gutersloh. By introducing them, the officials of the elected ratifying bodies came up with the possibility of merging the eight dioceses of Gutersloh in two. So the parish of Helge Kreuz was re-established with the former parishes of Hertz-Gesu, Sankt Brother Konrad and Sankt Friedrich. In the city center, the newly enclosed Diocese of Sankt Pankratius was established from the former dioceses of Christ König, Heilig Family, Heilig Guest, Liebfrauen and Sankt Pankratius.

Caritas in the cities of the church

  • Holy Spirit
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • liposomal
  • Conrad Santa’s brother
  • St. Friedrich
  • Sankt Pankratius
  • the Holy Family

# Caritas

“German Caritas” is the umbrella organization of #Caritas (Latin meaning “charity”, “high esteem”) and the charitable association of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. It is in the legal form of a registered association and a central association of more than 900 individual organizational units?? Most of them are independently registered associations. He is a member of the Association of the so-called “Central Federations”. Free luxury in Germany. Leading associations work together in the Federal Working Group “Free Welfare Care”.

As an association of about 6,200 legally independent sponsors with around 693,000 employees, the association is the largest private employer in Germany. In addition, about 500,000 volunteers participate in Caritas facilities. The equivalent of the Protestant Church #Diakonie Deutschland.

Youth Hostels

  • Black Star, Blankingen
  • Don Bosco, Avenodide
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# Kolping in churches

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • Gutersloh Central
  • Christ the King
  • East Gutersloh


The Kolping Society is an international Catholic social association based in Cologne in the legal form of a registered association. There are also many companies that belong to this group. In 1850, the first of these associations merged to form one which was renamed “#Kolpingwerk” in 1935. It is one of the great social services of the Catholic Church.

The core and focus of the Kolping Association’s work is engagement with and for the family, which the advocate sees to be the same. The international character of the association has become more important. The emergence and growth of National Societies as well as continental and transcontinental partnerships (networks) testify to this.

Due to its history and number of about 230,000 members (as of 2018), the Kolping Association in Germany is of paramount importance worldwide. About 26,000 honorary board members work here in about 2,400 Kolbing families. In the Federal Republic of Germany there are 230 Kolping houses (as of 2018), 200 educational institutions in Kolping and more than 810 public streets and squares with the name “Adolf Kolping”.

# Day care centers (# Kitas)

  • Christ King Kita
  • Holy Keita family
  • Heilig Guest Sankt Hedwig Kindergarten
  • Livefraon Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten and Family Center Sankt Bröder Konrad
  • Sankt Elizabeth Kindergarten
  • Sankt Friedrichshain Kindergarten
  • Sankt Josef Day Care Center
  • Sankt Marine Family Center

Rifle Associations in the Gutersloh Pastoral District

  • Saint Hubertus Spexard
  • Sankt Sebastian
  • Sankt Hubertus Avenodide-Friedrichsdorf

The “kfd” in church towns

  • the Holy Family
  • Holy Spirit
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • liposomal
  • Conrad Santa’s brother
  • St. Friedrich
  • Sankt Pankratius
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#Catholic #women’s community #Germany («#kfd»)

With around 400,000 members in the 3,900 “kfd”, the Catholic women’s community in Germany is the largest Catholic women’s association and one of the largest in Germany. It dates back to the Brotherhood of Christian Mothers founded in 1856. The “kfd” represents women’s interests in #church, #politics and #society, but it also serves as a #society for women. Parish Communities “kfds” are meeting places for their members and provide cultural and social services. In many parishes, they also have an essential meaning of community life. KFD participates in the Synodal Way, the reform process of debate and dialogue of the Catholic Church that began in 2019.

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