The “pardon” will be converted into a Netflix movie

The story told in Aravind Adiga’s book of the same name is set in Australia

Sarah Ramen Bahrani To take care of the adaptation both in terms of direction and in relation to the scenario Pardons, A new Netflix movie adapted from the Indian writer’s latest novel Aravind Adeja.

Set in Australia, the story is cute and modern.

Danny, an illegal immigrant and domestic worker, realizes he has information about the sudden murder of his employer. On a tense summer day, Danny finds himself chasing the man he has doubts about. But if he reports the crime, he will be repatriated. So he faces an ethical dilemma: What are the duties of a man who has no rights?

Ramin Bahrani has also written, directed and produced the latest Netflix movie White Tiger, Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Aravind Adeja and Booker Prize winner.

Director and screenwriter Ramin Bahrani commented on the project: “I am delighted to be writing the wonderful new Aravind novel“ Pardon ”and grateful to collaborate once again with Netflix and my main creative producer, Bharat Azimi. This novel has attracted me. Immediately, since Aravind sent me the first draft of five years, I cannot wait to display it on the screen. “

This is the comment of writer Aravind Adiga: “I am glad that Ramin and Netflix decided to give life to“ pardon. ”It is my most intimate novel, which was born out of the confrontation with Ramin over the course of several years. It is my attempt to tell in an artwork the moral crisis at the heart of the story, Which for many immigrants around the world is a reality that must be faced, even if it is in a different form. I can’t wait to see a Ramen interpretation on Netflix. ”

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