The organization has launched an initiative for the Swiss government to officially adopt Bitcoin as a reserve asset

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Whether it is successful or not, the main objective of the initiative is to bring regulators, financial entities and citizens in Switzerland to learn more about Bitcoin And its characteristics as a valuable asset.


A Swiss-based non-profit organization aims to launch an initiative that seeks transformation Bitcoin In a reserve asset that can be managed within the European country.

The association concerned is 2B4CH, A group of experts in the field of cryptocurrency and technology BlockchainAnd who announced plans to promote an initiative at the federal level in favor of this goal, collecting nearly 100,000 signatures authorizing the establishment of Bitcoin In Article 99, Clause 3 of the Swiss Constitution.

In the call launched through your account Twitter, read:

We are planning to launch a federal grassroots initiative. Can we reach 100,000 Swiss citizens for Bitcoin? If you voted in Switzerland and liked it # bitcoinReply below and @1 or more friends who are also BTC fans. RT is also estimated for further exposure. Thanks.

The proposed change to the constitution would be as follows:

The Swiss National Bank will create sufficient foreign exchange reserves from its income; Part of these reserves will be held in gold and Bitcoin“.

Even losing, you win too

In an interview with the mediator Cointelegraph, 2B4CH Founder and President, Yves Benaim, explained that the importance of the initiative lies in collecting signatures to lead the corresponding debate, so the fact that the vote is successful or not remains in the background:

“If the companies come together successfully, the voting will have to take place legally, in addition to discussions and debates, informing and educating everyone in Switzerland and hopefully as worldwide as possible, also setting an example. Hopefully the vote will be successful, but even if it is not Indeed, it will be successful if the issue is brought up for public debate.”

In the event that the voting result is favorable, the Swiss National Bank You must do your due diligence to understand the work Bitcoin And add it to your reserves. In this regard, Benaim commented that the benefits will go much further, as the country can become a leader in this field if it takes a step of this magnitude.

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For now, the proposal is still in its initial stage, so it must be submitted later to the union, formally collecting signatures and waiting for a vote, which will have to wait months or even years. .

Switzerland and cryptocurrency

However, the outlook for accepting such an initiative appears favourable, even after the tradition that Switzerland has followed with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Let’s remember that in 2016 the canton of Zug made it possible for residents to pay for public services BitcoinAs well as opening the doors for many companies in the sector to establish their headquarters there.

Let’s keep in mind that the Swiss bank last month, Seba Bank AGHe obtained the first permission to be an institutional custodian of investments in cryptocurrency.

Regarding cryptocurrency reserves, the first country to officially do so was El Salvador specifically, and that’s on a par with legalization Bitcoin As legal tender last September

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