The opposition supports the revitalization of dialogue in Venezuela

Caracas-. The revitalization of political dialogue in Venezuela today is gaining the support of various sectors of the opposition, following President Nicolas Maduro’s decision to move towards a broad and inclusive process of consultation.

With this in mind, National Assembly Representative Jose Gregorio Correa (Democratic Action) called for the “nationalization” of future negotiations between the government and hostile organizations, arguing that this new process should take place in the national territory.

Correa also believed that the dialogue should be expanded so that the mayors and governors elected in last November’s provincial and municipal elections could participate, Union Radio reported on its website.

Similarly, the Independent Electoral Political Organizing Committee (Kobe) stressed the need to nationalize the dialogue. The organization said on its account on the social networking site Twitter: “Venezuela cannot live on the condition of the existence of a third country.”

The party entity indicated that in renewing the consultation process, political factors as well as the social, economic and productive sectors of the South American nation should be included.

Kobe also reiterated his position in favor of the final lifting of international coercive measures against the country, after it was proven that these measures affect only the Venezuelan people and exclusively.

This week, the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, expressed his commitment to moving forward a more inclusive process of dialogue with the participation of all sectors of the Venezuelan socio-political landscape.

Speaking to the press at the Federal Legislative Palace, Rodriguez noted that in the new phase of revitalization and “recasting” of negotiations between the government and the opposition, all political, economic and social groups in the country must be represented.

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He also indicated that future talks should reflect the reality of the existing political map in Venezuela, after the holding of the 2020 legislative elections and the 2021 regional and municipal elections.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also stressed that the reactivation of dialogue will take place within the framework of a national peace and stability scenario, in contrast to previous processes, which are characterized by contexts of political polarization and conflict.

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