The open ear of rural areas – Lauda-Königshofen

Doctor. Brown, FDP’s Volker Wessing is the new Transportation Secretary. Did you really invite him to Lauda-Königshofen?

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Doctor. Lucas Browne: Yes, of course. Because of his family, Volker Wessing is a true wine connoisseur. That’s why I naturally promoted our limestone floors and invited him to Lauda-Königshofen. Let’s see when he finds the time. With Michael Thürer, after Stephen Pilger, we get another resident of Baden-Württemberg as Parliamentary Minister of State in the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure. I would also be glad to visit him, especially since experience has shown that, as the former mayor of Horb, he has always been open about societal matters.

Can society benefit from knowing each other?

Doctor. Brown: I hope it doesn’t hurt. But what I find most important is the fact that Volker Wessing not only talks about rural areas in his Sunday speeches, but he really understands them as well. He was not only Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of the Rhineland-Palatinate, but also comes from the very rural South Palatinate and knows various economic, traffic and demographic problems outside urban areas. I know this from many hadiths.

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What is the most urgent project in Lauda-Königshofen?

Doctor. Brown: Last week we phoned about a completely different matter, but I immediately announced to him that I would be in touch more about removing the B 292 intersections in Koenigshofen. Now let’s let him into the new office. With the B 290 Bypass Koenigshofen, the Stuttgart Regional Council is required to provide the necessary planning capabilities by 2025. Deeb / Photo: Seufert

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