The Nobel Peace Prize is possible for Trump and his son-in-law

Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz has been nominated by Jared Kushner – Ivanka’s husband, Trump’s daughter – for the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the “Abraham Accords” to bring about more peace in the Middle East. And it appeared earlier that the former president himself had run for the same reason.

Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize It just means that the person eligible for the nomination thinks the candidate deserves the award. In Kushner’s case, this is Harvard Law School attorney and professor Alan Dershowitz. He defended Trump in his first trial It calls for an end to the second, as Trump is no longer president.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, in charge of the awards ceremony, says it receives around 200 different nominations every year before the deadline on February 1. They kept a secret for 50 years. Often times the person who made a nomination will tell you who they think is suitable for the award. Likewise Dershowitz.

The lawyer appears to feel his candidacy is controversial. The Nobel Peace Prize is not awarded due to popularity, nor is it a measure of the approval of the international community. It is a prize for meeting the high standards that Fred Nobel listed in his will, ” he stated in his letter to the Nobel Committee.

Kushner, in turn, said he felt proud of the nomination. In his role as a White House adviser, Trump’s son-in-law has worked on the Abraham AgreementsWhich established diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. Kushner shares his candidacy with Avi Berkowitz, the US envoy to the Middle East and Kushner’s right-hand man in the negotiations.

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Among the leaked candidates is a climate activist Greta Thunberg and her movement Friday for the futureLeader of the Russian opposition Alexey Navalny, The Civil Rights Movement Black lives matter, News site Hong Kong Free Press And the Kovacs program From the World Health Organization.

Who wants to submit a nomination for? Norwegian Nobel Committee Must be a member of a national government or parliament, an international court of justice or university administration, a professor of social sciences, history, philosophy, law, or theology, or have previously won a Nobel Prize or served on the Nobel Committee. The award will be awarded at the beginning of October.

In the video below, US expert Stephen de Foyer looks back at five moments when Trump threatened American democracy.

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