The next US talent for Bayern? This young man must show his skills soon!

Bayern Munich should be interested in contracting another young talent – two other youngsters could be role models.

Munich – One snaps Bayern Munich The United States’ next talent? The record champions are said to be interested in contracting Tanner Tisman (19) – two other youngsters could be role models.

Tanner Tesman (19, p.) Of FC Dallas is said to have aroused the interest of Bayern Munich officials. © Imago Images / Icon SMI

Such as ESPN Citing unspecified sources, the 19-year-old is said to be training at Säbener Strasse during the time the ball is not rolling in MLS and thus gets a great opportunity to practice his skills to show.

This pilot phase should take place in the coming weeks. It appears that a specific window of time when the midfielder is in the state capital has yet to be determined.

Factors influencing include a possible hiring of a U23 national team training camp for the United States and an unstable schedule for MLS.

Tisman is under contract with FC Dallas, a three-team partner who made his debut in the final season of the Major League Soccer, and made 21 appearances the following season. He was also part of the coach’s team in the qualifiers to be held in the United States Lucci Gonzales (40). His contract with Texas runs through December 31, 2022.

Chris Richards (20) of FC Dallas could be an example in a potential transfer Munich Shooting star Alfonso Davis (20) who played for Vancouver Whitecaps before his transfer also came.

In both transfers, the officials of the Munich Expedition Team showed an excellent and equally good hand. Davis in particular was already persuasive in all areas and practically indispensable in the lineup of coach Hansie Flick (55), who brings Richards closer and closer to them. However, this still takes some time.

This could also be given to Tessmann – possibly in the United States. Even if the promising and talented youngster had to be convinced, it might take some time before he is finally seen in a Munich dress.

According to the report, the 19-year-old must be playing at FC Dallas next season in order to evolve. So an alternative to a delinquent loan or even a firm commitment is the most likely option.

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