The newest peacock spider in Australia is called Nemo

Instead, the male impressed the female by raising his third pair of legs and shaking his stomach on the floor, making an audible sound. He says it’s still unclear if this is a typical dance of the peacock spider from Nemo.

Schubert noted that Nemo’s home is also “completely unusual” because the spider lives in wetlands. However, most well-known peacock spiders prefer dry jungle landscapes.

But peacock spiders always succeed in surprising him. In 2020, scientists found a species – Maratos Volpi – This is in one The salt lake is alive. “We learned that we should be more open to the types of habitats in which we are looking for peacock spiders,” Schubert says.

He adds that although peacock spiders, as predators, play an important role in controlling insect populations, very little is known about their role in the ecosystem and how they can be threatened.

Spiders of Medicine

“Peacock spiders are wonderful because they shatter the stereotype of large, hairy, and dangerous spiders,” Michael Rex, Chief Curator of Arachnids and Research Fellow at the Queensland Museum, Australia. He himself did not participate in the study of Schubert.

“This is a really great example of how interesting and diverse Australian spider animals are, which have yet to be explored,” says Rex.

Only about 30 percent of Australian invertebrates are officially documented, and there can be as many as 15,000 species of spiders that have yet to be recognized.

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