The MotoGP delegation will visit Finland to check the feasibility of the Grand Prix

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The Finnish Grand PrixScheduled for the weekend of July 10-12, it has been officially confirmed as the 12th stop on the MotoGP 2022 calendar, with KymiRing being the second track to open this year, after Mandalika, in Indonesia.

Despite the fact that the promoter of the tournament ensures that everything will be ready to host an event back in the Scandinavian country after 40 years (1982), there are many doubts surrounding the timely completion of works on the facilities.

To dispel any doubts and verify the viability of the Kymi Ring on the ground, Dorna and FIM will “send an excavation group, with personnel for operations, television, logistics, etc.,” he explained to promoter source. In this sense, it is necessary to take into account the short period of time that the operators had to work in a place that suffered most of the winter from low temperatures and snow.

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Although Dorna is fully confident that the local organization will have everything ready for the scheduled date, the idea is to prevent a repeat of what happened on time at Mandalika, in Lombok, where the second race of the year was held despite the obvious shortcomings in the planning. For all these reasons, Dorna wants to check the real situation of Finnish planning, located in the town of Kosala, near Kouvola and about 140 kilometers northeast of the capital Helsinki.

The Finnish Grand Prix was due to join the MotoGP calendar in 2020, But a delay in business and, above all, the outbreak of the epidemic forced him to postpone it until now.. Before all that, some MotoGP test riders visited the track in August 2019 to test the asphalt conditions.

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Then they were responsible for filming Bradley SmithAnd Jonas FolgerSylvain Gentoli Mika KallioAnd Stephen Bradel s Michel PerotIt is given at the end of the two training days His conclusions and some indications To finish optimizing the route layout.

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