The most common lies about your order in Colombia

to enter United State There is a regular channel to be fulfilled. The first is to obtain an entry visa, which, in the case of tourism, in Colombia Availability of an appointment with the embassy And then get US approval in a period of nearly two years.

However, this was not a hindrance to this It is the most requested procedure by Colombians.

Despite this, it is important that before submitting this application to the Embassy, Find information about authorized pages to be able to perform the steps correctly This way, let go of fear before a negative answer.

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Request visa For the United States: Lies about the procedure

That’s why we tell you what are the most common myths to make your process calmer when applying for a tourist visa:

  1. Must be fluent in English (False)

The interview in front of the embassy is the official language of the country in which you are requesting it.

  • There is a daily visa approval limit (wrong)

In visa approval there are no limits per day. It all depends on getting the interview done right.

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  • The interview is complicated (wrong)

On both the official website of the US government and its embassy in Colombia, it is recommended that the applicant describe his or her travel plans clearly and consistently and provide accurate answers when filling out the application form.

  • You must have the plane ticket and the itinerary for the interview (wrong)
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The tourist plan is obtained until you get the approved visa.

  • Having relatives in the US affects visa approval (wrong)

The presence of relatives, close people or a letter of invitation is not a guarantee. Going to visit them is a reason for travel that must be stated in the visa application form.

  • If your visa was denied a while ago, you cannot apply again (False)

When your visa is refused, they explain the reason in writing. When you see fit to change your status and meet the conditions, you can apply again.

  • You must prove that you have a lot of money in your bank account (wrong)

Economic solvency does not guarantee visa approval. However, it is important to establish that you can pay for the sightseeing trip.

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