The huge move in SC Brühl comes as a surprise

Daniel Lebar becomes the second goalkeeper and striker Angelo Campos comes from FC St Gallen.

The basics in brief

  • SC Brühl increases correctly.
  • Daniel Lobar becomes the club’s second goalkeeper.
  • Angelo Campos of St. Gallen can assert himself as a striker.
  • Roger Biger becomes the new president of the association. Previously worked for FC Wil.

SC Brühl secures many new arrivals and surprises everyone.

Daniel LeBar (36), formerly with FC St. Gallen 1879, wants to end his career at the league promotion club after the Australian trip. In addition to Lobar, striker Angelo Campos (21), who is currently with St. Gallen, will stand alongside SC Brull as a loan player.

Roger Biger, the former president of FC Will, joins the club’s management. As reported by Tagesblatt, SC Brull succeeded in a “coup” with Daniel LeBar. He will replace Brüll’s goalkeeper Christian Leyte in the next few months. Lobar will be the second-choice target, with 19-year-old Alban Berisha staying in pole position.

In addition to Lobar, there is also a young striker and a new club president

Meanwhile, Portuguese-Swiss striker Angelo Campos will join Brühler’s squad. Initially on loan for half a year. The young striker made only a partial appearance in the first team at FC St. Gallen 1879.

There is another surprise in the management of the club. At the general meeting on Thursday, Roger Biger was elected as the new club president. Biger has been the president of FC Wil for years.

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