The locations of the Netflix series are located between Milan and Rimini

all in devotiona Netflix miniseries loosely based on the novel of the same name Marco MissiroliHe was strangled by a blanket of unfair grief. Each character carries the weight of frustration, regret, and unhappiness in their own way. However, in the television transmission of the story, the script gets stuck in some stereotypes a lot and gets compromised to To paint an overly rhetorical picture of relationships: the emotional ones between partners and those that each of us amuses with our own ambitions.

The fragile balance between love and obsession, the confidence we owe first to ourselves and then to others, and the courage to take dreams back from the bottom of the stairs (or box) and start following them again: Alessandro FabriAnd the Elisa Amoroso And the Laura Colella They write six tension-filled episodes, for the story of an existential crisis in the Millennium Key.

Critics struggle to digest a narrative structure too close to a certain (and perhaps no longer current) Italian series made up of marital quarrels, infidelities, and a chic, raucously radical atmosphere.

Popularity of the series directed by Andrea Mullioli (The girl by the lakeAnd the Subura – the series) And the Stefano Cibani (My brother is chasing dinosaurs), however, is not affected. Actually: after For the first time on the platform On a non-random date like February 14, word of mouth continues to grow and ensures a devotion stable place in Top ten most watched Netflix titles in Italy.

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What piques the curiosity of viewers? The plot includes. Mystery triumphs. But it’s not just about that. Besides the plot related aspects, there are other elements capable of captivating the audience. Crescent moon Places Which, thanks to its beauty, is able to illuminate a dark and emotionally tormented scenario.

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Milan, the true protagonist of devotion

Margherita Verna And the Carlo Pentecostplayed by actors Lucrezia Guidoni And the Michel ReondinoThey face their inner torment by moving to one Milan Exquisitely contemporary. Summer ends. A clear sky, with clouds driven by the wind, is preparing to receive autumn. It’s cool enough to put on coats, but not so cold that you give up hiking.

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It’s a real Milan, not a postcard. More than loved by those who live and know the Lombard capital. They range from signs written in Chinese characters along the street Paolo Sarpitrams that travel between San Babila And the Missourithe iconic CityLife skylinethe night that awakens the soul Porta Genovathe sun reflected in the waters Naviglio GrandeThe sense of Milanese grandeur that he embodiesPeace Arch.

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Milanese taste for interiors

If exteriors celebrate the magic of Milan, between Iron houses with retro charm And the Ultra-modern skyscrapersThe careful attention to interior decorations is also noted. Margherita Pizza She has an architecture and project degree – left on standby for a long time – to become an interior designer.

Through his eyes and passion, we review a series of environments that widely reflect Milanese aesthetic taste for interior design: From A set of antiques That revives the loft inhabited by the protagonists of the novel Pebble floors in the late 19th century Decorate their dream home in Corso Concordia, even Warm and decisive shades that paint the walls of the new studio.

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Milan nightlife in the Fidelity . series

After two years of pandemic and low shutters, it is touching to hear the names of the city’s most historic clubs and to see how life can return to flowing within their walls. The low bar (at the corner of Viale Abruzzi and across the Plinio, where the “wrong” negroni was invented), verso library (in Corso di Porta Ticinese), theApollo (a very popular nightclub on Via Giosué Borsi), la Martini Terrace (Where the party organized by the students who attend the writing course is held).

The San Lorenzo Columns Frame the movida stage at night, which flows towards SidewalkPour Chinatown And in its most underground version, it turns east: in the province of lambrat.

Milan devotion It is mysterious, modern, elegant, trendy. In short, the choice of locations is the real strong point of the TV version of the book Published by Einaudi, nominee for the 73rd Strega Prize and winner of the Strega Giovani Prize in 2019.

But not only Milan: too Rimini He plays a central role in the series. Scroll through the gallery to find out where the scenes were filmed and other intriguing things about the story and soundtrack.

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