The LMP will have regular season matches in the United States Round Seven

Guadalajara, Jalisco /

The Mexican Pacific League It was officially announced that after 78 years of the ring’s history, It will bring the regular season matches to the United States This winter as part of a commitment to an internationalization project that will allow it access to new territories, which is one of the goals of the department’s new presidency.

The Águilas de Mexicali will face Yaquis de Obregón In a series of three matches between 11 and 13 November 2022 At Veterans Stadium in Tucson, ArizonaA stadium with a capacity of 11,500 fans.

In these games, it will be the ninth feather who will play the role of the visitors, while the Obregón will appear on the diamonds as the local team.

Naranjeros de Hermosillo has had its pre-season run at that venue in recent years with a tournament called Mexican Baseball Fiesta, prep matches that bring the club to fans who have settled in the nearby city.

This event will be known as the “International Series”, as the Pacific League ensures this is the start of the ring’s international activity, ensuring that more days are seen on US soil in the future.

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