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These “Fire TV” models we tested include remote controls for convenient operation. Get pictures.

The way small screen content is consumed today has fundamentally changed the way it was done before. TVs are now “smart”, they allow you to surf the Internet and access the services and applications offered with an endless number of movies, TV series, videos, games … Now, the offer from these STV Mart It varies from one to the other because each manufacturer comes up with its own agreements with the providers of that content.

Perhaps some users are not comfortable enough with the services offered by the “smart” TV; Or you have an old model, but they are also considering the option to access these platforms flow and download applications. The most practical and convenient solution is to buy a Fire TV like the one below.

What Fire TV models did we choose?

These are the devices selected: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max (8.5), Google Chromecast with Google TV (9), realme 4k smart tv (9) and Xiaomi TV Stick 4K (8.5). As a common denominator, they all do not exceed 70 euros.

When analyzing and evaluating each one, the following aspects were taken into account:

  • Design: Not so much from an aesthetic point of view, but in terms of ease of management when connected to the TV through the HDMI port and build quality.
  • start: How is the installation process to get it started, and does it integrate well into your home Wi-Fi? In general, this process is not very complicated, even if you do not have experience working with such devices.
  • picture quality: They all support 4K, one of the highest quality image resolutions out there at the moment (8K ranks first). However, since not all TVs support this resolution, what is FireTV It is adapting to the characteristics of each one.
  • performance: This criterion is related to the user experience FireTV. If the device fulfills what it promises, if the navigation through its interface and menus is fluid, does it load contents well, or, on the contrary, are there interruptions or interruptions, and what services and applications does it include? And what image and audio formats does it support? The remote control is also important when interacting with FireTV.
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Compare the latest FireTV: So we tried them

Each of these four models was assigned a week and the tests were conducted on two TVs: A Smart TV OLED 4K from LG and an older model from Sony from 10 years ago do not include the features of today’s screens. Thus, we examined and compared the available installations, services and applications, how to manage the user through their own interfaces, image and sound quality.

The four options are good alternatives if we want to improve performance Smart TV Or turn an old TV into a smart model without spending a huge amount of money. The results were so close that it was difficult to pick one winner. The FireTV The Google cast chrome with GoogleTV s Realme 4K Smart TV They got the highest rating. Above all, we liked the user experience of its interface and how we interact with it and navigate through its various menus.

FireTV The Google cast chrome with GoogleTV

Compared to its predecessor (the Chromecast Ultra model), it not only offers a different aesthetic, but also welcomes a remote control that completely changes the user experience. Also to the personalization layer called Google TV which runs through the Android TV operating system.

If before we were completely dependent on the use of a mobile phone cast chromeand “send” the desired content to the TV, we will now only use it to complete the device configuration process through the free app Google Home . Everything else (eg, searching for a string or accessing a specific platform) is done with this remote.

This controller is smooth and convenient to operate. In addition to incorporating the buttons for direct access to Netflix and YouTube, it allows you to interact with the TV through voice commands and thanks to the infrared technology, you can turn the TV on and off or control the volume using the buttons on a device. sides. As for the impressions that Google TV “leaves us”, it should be noted that the experience is very positive given that the navigation is especially flexible; Personal recommendations for films and series are proposed; There is a tab where you can access already installed applications; Another is called ‘Collections’ where we add content we want to see later.

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FireTV Realme 4K Smart TV

The Chinese manufacturer is mostly known for its mobile phones. However, they also develop headphones, smartwatches, and even Fire TV devices like this model that have little (or nothing) to envy other companies with more experience in this field. On the design level, the quality is a little higher.

With a configuration that is in line with what the competition offers (for example, it has 2 GB of memory and 8 GB of internal storage), it comes with Google’s operating system that mounts on Android 11. With its interface, impressions are good, navigation is fluid and no Anything strange that affects or slows down the experience is perceived. On the picture level, it supports up to 4K at 60 fps and HDR10 +. The sound behaves as expected.

The remote control is one of the things we liked the most. like realme 4k Smart TV It brings the Google system to the TV, and that shows – as expected – that there is a button for the Google Assistant that works well: we can “tell” it that we want to access Play Store or to display certain content to us, among other options, with audio. On the other hand, this console has buttons for accessing four streaming pads, volume control, and direct access to settings. Other data of interest are: Chromecast built-in, HDMI 2.1 interface and Bluetooth 5.0.

Amazon FireTV sticky 4K max

Take control of the device fire tv stick 4K which we have already analyzed. It does this with notable improvements such as those in its driving, which stand out for two primary reasons. The first is that it has direct access buttons to four of the most popular streaming services: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Music, and Amazon Prime Video. The second is the presence of a specific button with access to the channels on the small screen that broadcasts the live broadcast – accessible through third parties such as Atresplayer, among others – reminiscent of programming guides. Like its predecessor, it is possible to interact with Alexa through voice commands using the blue button on the top.

The performance is also improved and the user has gained flexibility thanks to the configuration that includes a Mediatek 8696 quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Wi-Fi 6 support is another feature to consider, as it provides greater stability and speed in connection if our router is compatible with this technology.

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The Homepage From its operating system, Fire OS, it includes the “Search” tabs (opens a list divided into categories) and “Live”. It doesn’t offer HBO an option, one of its main points against it. We also didn’t want it to include a banner advertising the products.

FireTV xiaomi tv sticky 4K: The best value for money

The most important conclusion we can draw is that the latest from the Chinese company – in terms of hardware FireTVConcerned – offering a performance that significantly improves the user experience compared to its predecessor, the model My TV : The cooling system is more efficient, the processor is more advanced, the RAM now has 2 GB, the Android 11 version is included … Of course, like its little brother, it keeps the microUSB connector so that it receives the necessary current and works. What surprised us is that this connector also includes OTG, which is important if we want, for example, to connect other devices (via an adapter) such as a memory switch.

The leap in picture and sound quality regarding Xiaomi TV stickIt is important. This means that it can keep up with the most direct competition, since it is now compatible with 4K, HDR (Dolby Vision) and HDR + formats. It also provides support for Dolby Atmos.

And what about it? Xiaomi keeps the remote control for its predecessor. It features a keyboard integration with a few controls. Among them, we highlight that which gives access to the Google Assistant for interaction through voice, and those intended for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and PatchWall: this is the so-called customization layer of the manufacturer. One last detail to consider is that Xiaomi has preserved the ChromeCast functionality that we also find on the Google Chromecast with Google TV. This means that from the mobile phone we can send the content to the TV.

* All purchase prices listed in this article are valid as of April 27, 2022.

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