The last wild red wolves in the world

Ron Sutherland From the environmental group Wildlands, he calls the latest releases a “big step in the right direction” – even if his organization has campaigned for more wolves to be released. He hopes the Fish and Wildlife Service will “begin defending its own program again.” [und] He’s back to work with North Carolina residents at the site with the goal of saving this population of red wolves.”

“Our goal is to work together to create an implementation plan […] and to achieve recovery goals that have been put together for the red wolf,” says John Tirpak. He is associate regional director of environmental services for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Red wolves: sacrificial fathers

Four red wolf cubs born at Akron Zoo were placed in the den of a wild female at Pocosin Lakes Wildlife Refuge in eastern North Carolina in early May. This strategy has proven very successful for this species. The success rate is close to 100 percent, says Chris Lasher of the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. is coordinator Red wolf species survival plan, a series of conservation measures designed to ensure the long-term survival and safety of species.

But it is a delicate process. Puppies should be adopted before they are two weeks old while their eyes are still closed. Caregivers try to make sure they smell like their wild litter companions to facilitate acceptance by their adoptive mother. In this case, the pups were flown to North Carolina from Akron, Ohio, which required coordination and teamwork between park rangers, biologists, and other staff, including a volunteer pilot.

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Joe Madison He is the director of the North Carolina Red Wolf Fish and Wildlife Service. He reported that shortly after placing the brood pups in the cave, the wild wolf mother moved the entire litter to a new location. This is typical behavior after every disturbance in the building. Scientists monitoring her movements with a tracking device found that she was still near a burrow – a good sign.

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