The Last Airbender, live Netflix actors recreated a popular meme

As we keep wondering when Live Avatar: The Last Airbender will arrive on Netflix, the cast is orchestrating live on Instagram and recreating one of the most famous scenes in the animated series, and thus also the corresponding meme. .

Last August, the cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender was officially announced, One of the popular animated series currently being produced on NetflixFirst, we got to know the future performers of the show’s beloved characters.

And while it seems like we’re still far from seeing the adaptation on our screens, Artists Zuko, Sokka, Dallas Liu and Ian Ousley, they decided to make a live broadcast on Instagram, showing all their enthusiasm for the series.

Not only that, but thanks to a short video clip taken from this we found out that the boys definitely know The meme related to the series Which has now become an online classic.

In one of the episodes of the animated show Avatar: The Last Airbender, In fact, Zuko tells Soka about a tragic event from his past, explaining that his first girlfriend has been turned into the moon. But Sokka’s reaction to his words, well, it’s definitely weird, considering that His answer is simple.This is rough, my friend. Understand why it instantly became a meme…

And the same joke spontaneously comes to Dallas Leo in response to a statement made by Ian Osley during the live broadcast, which instantly made both of them laugh, as you can also see by clicking on the video at the bottom of the news.

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Well, kids are sure to do their homework, don’t you think?

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