The largest electric vehicle charging center in Europe will be in the UK and will score points from Fastned, EDF Renewables, Tesla and Wenea.

The group of companies consists of Pivot Power, Fastned, EDF Renewables, Tesla Superchargers, Spanish company Wenea They announced their plans to build the largest and most powerful electric vehicle charging center in Europe. With the charging powers that will allow to recharge for nearly 500 kilometers in just 20 minutes, it will become a historical landmark in the country. What’s more, The group plans a total of 40 stations Similar across British lands.

With th Oxford City Hall On top of the project, the site will be in Redbridge Park and Ride of the said municipality. In addition, it will have a direct connection to the national high voltage network, to be able to do so Supplying up to 10 MW Same time. According to Pivot, the station should not cause any kind of network overload, or involve costly upgrades.

Initially, the station (named “Superhub”) will have a gross 38 super-fast charging points: 10 belong to Fastned, 12 Tesla Superchargers, and 16 belong to Wenea. Due to open in November, it will be presented to 100% renewable energySome of them will be constructed on site by solar panels.

This massive plant was designed with a near future focus. It will allow you to add multiple recharge points, including Specific locations for taxis, buses and fleets. They hope to be able to meet the needs of the region over the next 30 years.

“All models will be able to Charging at full capacity simultaneouslyThat will be the first of the 40 centers we’ll operate in the UK, ”says Pivot Power.

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The center is part of the Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) project, which has a total budget £ 41 million. Its main goal is to jointly integrate fast charging points, battery storage, low-carbon heating systems and smart energy management technologies. Oxford City Council appointed The year is 2040 Like the year the city will be in Net zero emissions.

Our goal is to help the United Kingdom do just that Accelerate the transition to net zero “Save energy when needed to support the electric vehicle and the renewable energy revolution,” said Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power. He added that Pivot Power’s work in Oxford is part of “a plan we want to replicate across the country, working alongside local communities for Creating cleaner, more sustainable cities Where people want to live and work. “

The Superhub will open in November 2021, and It will avoid emitting 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Additionally, Octopus Energy Group announced the installation of several 7 kW chargers in the Arsenal stadium car park.

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