The land supports restaurants in rural areas

A special program will start in September with the state of Hesse specifically intending to support restaurants in rural areas. About ten million euros are available.

Paste a circle – (red). In a press release, Member of Parliament Eva Goldbach (The Greens) indicated a special program by which the state intends to support restaurants specifically in rural areas in the coming years. “With around ten million euros, we are promoting investments and purchases of 15,000 euros or more – from renovating the dining room to building a new outdoor terrace or renovating the kitchen right up to the acquisition of modern digital technology. The maximum funding amount is 200,000 euros,” Goldbach said.

The state has significantly expanded the existing financing in the framework of regional development. For example, the financing rate is 45 percent. Companies with up to 49 employees can submit applications. In addition, financing is also provided outside the current financing area in rural areas. In the future, businesses in regions with a maximum population of 3,000 will also be eligible to apply.

Eva Goldbach: “Village inns are indispensable as central places to meet and socialize. That is why we support restaurants.” The program starts in mid-September. All information is then available on

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