Finland, to continue making history in the face of needy Russia

Finland, which is arguing at first Eurocop, is not satisfied with the sudden victory against Denmark (0-1) in the first game of group b And he wants to continue making history before he falls Russia, which accesses the game in Saint Petersburg Stadium With water around her neck after being beaten Belgium (3-0).

Finnish coach Marco KanervaYesterday, he admitted that the equalizer deserved it and that the defense will have to repeat the great performance CopenhagenBut they also have to improve offensively. Joel Bohjanpalo, who scored the only goal against the Danes, showed that it is a guarantee, but the great hope of the attack of the “royal owls” remains. Temo Pukki (Norwich) who appeared to be in poor health on Saturday after being injured for two months. Finnish defender Juna Tovio Did not participate in the training course Finland Monday due to painful toe. However, it is expected to be available on Wednesday.

while, Russia He needs to make changes in the team, since the loss Belgium leaving a lot of doubts for the coach, Stanislav Cherchesov, vulnerable to harsh attacks in the press. The criticism was well deserved. “Now we want revenge,” he said yesterday at a press conference.

Yuri Zhirkov He was the only one absent from Monday’s training session Russia. Share everyone, including Kudryashov, that the first match was lost. Therefore, the 37-year-old former Chelsea player appears to be the only safe absence for today’s match.

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Possible lineups:

Finland: Hradec. Toivio, Arajuuri, O’Shaughnessy; Raitala, Lod, Sparf, Kamara, Oronen; Pohjanpalo y Pukki.

Russia: Shounen. Mario Fernandez, Gekia, Semenov, Karavaev; Ozdov, Zubnin, Golovin, Miranchuk, Ion; and Dzyuba.

Rule: Danny McKelley (Netherlands)

field: Saint Petersburg Stadium

Time/TV: 15:00 (four)

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