The Kremlin: The initiative of the US Congress not to recognize Putin as president after 2024 is unacceptable

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For the Kremlin, the decision by the US Congress will be another attempt by Washington to meddle in Russian affairs.

The Kremlin considers it unacceptable the decision of members of the US Congress not to recognize the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin if he runs for another term.

This was stated today by the spokesman for the Presidency of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov:

“Of course we saw it,” Peskov told reporters. “Every time it seems to us that nothing more ridiculous, nothing more aggressive, hostile and unconstructive can come across the ocean. And every time we are wrong.”

This is another case of US interference in other countries’ affairs, a Kremlin spokesman said.

“We find such initiatives by members of Congress unacceptable. We consider this interference in our affairs. We are convinced that only the Russians can decide who will be the president of the Russian Federation and when,” Peskov added.

Russia and the United States, introductory phone call before the Putin-Biden summit

Earlier this week, two members of the US Congress introduced a resolution to end US recognition of Putin as Russia’s president if he remains in power beyond 2024.

The resolution says irregularities in Russia’s elections have kept Putin in power and that his term after 2024 will be illegitimate.

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