The Jonas Brothers give fans creative control over their virtual concert playlist


The trio plan to reunite on stage on December 3 for a special live broadcast to promote the Lenovo brand of Lenovo laptops and the new Intel Evo Interactive Program For All Creators.

Ice Showbiz – The The Jonas Brothers They regroup for a special pre-Christmas prom – and they’re giving fans creative control over their viewing experience.

The “Popsicle” stars spent most of the summer lying, with Joe Jonas He fathered his daughter Willa for the first time in July, but the siblings are now planning to reunite on stage on December 3 to showcase a show promoting the Lenovo brand of Lenovo laptops and the new Intel Evo interactive program, For All Creators.

In addition to receiving front-row concert seats, viewers will be able to vote on the band’s playlist by leaving song suggestions in the comments section in real time, while custom hashtags will create visual impacts on users’ screens.

Fans will also have the opportunity to switch camera angles like Joe, Kevin Jonas And the Nick Jonas run out.

Prior to the virtual meeting, Lenovo and Intel Evo officials give full-time employees the opportunity to get creative and showcase their original designs on promotional posters, party photos and even merchandise through the Lenovo Yoga Creators Contest.

“We always say this but we really have the best fans and we’ve been looking for opportunities to engage them creatively,” the Jonas Brothers told

“The Lenovo partnership is a way for us to work with them on a new level, as they will have direct input into an immersive experience to come – from helping design merchandise to curating our playlist. With artist tours currently awaiting, we are looking looking forward to getting back together to perform and provide a little bit of happiness. Additional during the holiday season. ”

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The Lenovo Yoga Creators Competition begins Tuesday (October 13) and continues through October 30, with winners treated with new laptops signed by pop stars, and a select few are invited to participate in a video chat with the group prior to the digital presentation.

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