The iPhone has a special imaging tool .. a video revealing how to use it

One of the most prominent features of photography inIphonePortrait feature, introduced by Apple in 2016, and has become the main feature of photography on the iPhone.

This feature gives the pictures an artistic dimension, and makes the background somewhat blurry, to highlight the person in the foreground.


According to the website “Cnet”, the lighting in the “Portrait” feature is one of the most important factors for improving the image, and the user can change the type of lighting in the image before capturing it.

There are 6 types of lighting that a person can choose, and they also change the way the person appears.


You can take “selfies” in Portrait mode as well, and everything you can do with Portrait mode on the rear cameras applies to the front camera – except for zoom in or out.

And if you own an iPhone 12, you can take self-portraits, with the night mode, when the weather is dark.

Control motion blur

You can adjust the strength of the “background blur” of portraits, by increasing or decreasing them, to control whether or not objects appear in the background of the image.

The best distance

The best distance for a person to stand in front of the iPhone’s camera, when taking photos in Portrait, is between 0.5 to 2.5 meters from the iPhone.

If the person is far from the phone, the camera will take a normal photo, and you will not be able to make the background blurry, like in the Portrait feature.

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Yellow light

When preparing a portrait, look for options that appear on the screen in yellow, specifically on the face.

When the “Natural Light” option turns yellow at the bottom of the image, this means that the iPhone was able to distinguish the person in the image and will separate him from the background to apply the Portrait feature.

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