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When They had just started meeting and were, practically, in a diaper there was a girl Her name is Mónica Murillo, who can be considered the number one influencer in this digital world since her photos are seen on all platforms. They even became profile pictures for many people. It was a big boom in Latin America at the time, especially in 2008, the year it peaked.

The appearance that the young woman had at that time was one that had become fashionable in various countries Latin america And . She has adopted an emo style, where black hair is prioritized with a fringe partially covering her forehead, and has taken some selfies that she posed on the catwalk. MetroFlog.

Since anyone can access these photos, they began to spread all over the Internet in a disproportionate manner. It was only natural to enter alienAnd Hi5 NS messenger We see that some of our contacts have posted it or taken it as a profile picture.

The drawback to all this is that there are also a large number of people who have created fake social media profiles using some Mónica Murillo pictures as their main picture.

Monica Morello became famous on social media for her emo look during the 2000s. | Credits: MetroFlog.

What about Monica Murillo?

natural girl sonoraShe, now in her early thirties, is still social media influencer and arguably an influencer in all her words, usually posting more professional content on her social media accounts. NS It promotes a healthy life with exercise and nutrition.

Moreover, it has a website that promotes some healthy products and helps people lose the extra weight they have gained over the years.

It is also important to note that she has a law degree from Sonora University and that she has also forged a career as a model and businesswoman as she designed her own clothing brand which she also promotes on social media.

In terms of her looks, Monica is no longer wearing her black hair and emo hairstyle but is now blonde and has put aside that classic edge. Those who haven’t witnessed its growth on social media over the years can undoubtedly be more than surprised.

This is what Monica Morello looks like today

Monica Morello on Instagram

The heroine of the Mexican novel of this story has more than 390,000 followers on her account , where you usually upload photos of her with a different appearance in the places she visits, as well as her daily photos, like any influential figure in the world. In addition, she has more than a thousand posts, which shows that she is very active on social networks.

What is MetroFlog?

It was a digital service similar to a social network in which its users posted photographs. It was launched in 2004 and had its heyday in Latin America, but due to the low activity it witnessed as it lost ground to Facebook and Instagram, it was closed down in 2015, leaving a memory among the people who used to use this platform.

What does it mean to be an emo?

according to his page , emo is a subculture created around the rock genre, where clothing is a stereotype in which black clothes prevail, accompanied by exotic looks with hair covering part of the forehead with a fringe. Also, this word is an acronym for sentimental.

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