The Incredible 58 Rules Jeffrey Epstein’s Employees Had To Comply at His Palm Beach Mansion

a story – On the fifth day of his trial, we learned that Ghislaine Maxwell, the billionaire’s alleged partner, was going to make a list of rules that employees must strictly follow. Who wore their uniforms as well as their way of speaking.

One might think that the characteristics of Jeffrey Epstein, with the tide of teenage girls and young women in the service of a sexual predator, it would be a kind of chaotic capua. We will be wrong. It looked like a Windsor house in Palm Beach. Or in the house of the Marquis de Sade.

On the fifth day of The trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, accused of having had “Discount” and partner, the jury discovered with a certain astonishment what Jesslyn Maxwell. We were having fun, but we weren’t laughing. The behavior of each employee was carefully recorded in a kind of guide designed in 2005, which included a list of no less than 58 rules that must be observed very meticulously.

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First and foremost, each employee had, according to the former butler, “You see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question addressed directly to you.” «LadyMaxwell wanted to sell a property in Florida at 358 El Brillo Way

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