The Importance of Fashion in the Netflix Historical Series

Everything we wear is a part of who we are. Even when we say that what we carry does not matter to us. It is a way of life, a way of being, the most authentic expression with which we present ourselves to the world: It’s me. And so it must be for films and television series, which must be able to recreate an entire world with a mere glimpse that can be attributed not only to that precise story and that specific dimension that surrounds the central core of the story, but also their own aesthetics. A deck that, when selecting talented collaborators, is able to respond more than the characters can even communicate, leaving words and actions aside Let collections and outfits do the talking. It is also, and above all, the case with BridgetonShonda Rhimes’ record-breaking Netflix series.

groups by Bridgeton

Since its first season Bridgeton He has not only integrated within him an obsessive attention to detail, despite not honestly reporting on clothes and location Regency Iranbut still makes the nonverbal language of its characters’ clothes and hairstyles a way to dig into their personalities and the feelings they go through (don’t miss the Bridgerton 2 review).

The colors, corsets, jewelry and tulle of this series have become Indispensable tools to bring out the mood of characters And divide them into their clan to which they belong. United and separated from each other and their families as a whole, the nobility of the Netflix series wanted to make themselves known not only by the rank they belonged to, but also by the simmering passions. In their intimate souls within fashion. Work that goes hand in hand with the creation and furnishing of locations, the main stages of fashion shows in Bridgeton, in synergy that creates a captivating harmony, and this is one of the components of the show. It is the outline from which the production designer Will Hughes Jones The part where interpreters and honors are entered. “The story is the key factor.” Hughes Jones announces “Because we are also in the Regency period, but we are showing the history and trying to emphasize it through the collections, the design and the style. […] We ask ourselves: how do we make all this bright? “.

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A question that gets the first answer from a colleague Sophie KanalFashion designer season 2 of Bridgeton that replaced the previous Ellen Mirojnikknown to work with mischievous And The greatest showman. The costume designer, who was Mirojnik’s assistant in the first season, revealed that he worked with his team To create about seven hundred costumesto massive production in the world of serialization.

But it is not only the enormity of the material that impresses, but the creative process behind it that reminds of the characters’ introspection and the will to be able to express their thoughts, loved ones, and turmoil. In fact, in the first season, she played the character of Penelope Nicola Coughlanwas reserved for the yellow color, which appears again and which the girl constantly jokes about, declaring her disappointment with the color chosen by her mother, which usually We associate deception and envy.

Not the latter, although we’ve seen Penelope visibly jealous of her love interest Colin Bridgertonbut the deception certainly reveals one side of the character: it is in fact the young woman who is the pen He lurks behind the gossip pages of Mrs. Wesleydonhiding in his feathered eyelashes and revealing the hottest gossip in his circle of acquaintances (did you know Nicola Coughlan auditioned for Stranger Things?)

Characters of characters through costumes

at Bridgeton 2 It was the Bridgeton Brothers who basically saw a change in their appearance, making every single one of them look I became more specific and aligned with their soul.

If Viscount Anthony was gripped by long agony, searching for a wife and pushing toward the impenetrable Kate Sharma, then casting a look in darker colors Kanal and his team focused on, while leaving for details The artistic vein of Benedict II’s son. Within the family, even the menswear tailoring clothes and Spencer jackets of their little sister Eloise make the character quite distinct, a sign of their distance from a femininity that they don’t express like other girls of her age or her social class. Hence it is always dependent on the families that Bridgeton Believes. In the second season where the character Mrs. Portia Fetherington She seeks ransom from a company that has ridiculed her and pushed her away, relying on the money of a relative who will in fact prove to be a fraud, Gold is the color that women want to flaunt anyway On her and her daughters, she tries to restore the balance of power that slips off her hands, but she tries to flaunt it anyway.

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The arrival of the Sharma family

Crucial, then, was reporting in Bridgeton 2 Sharma Family Origins That moved from India to the world of Mayfair, for fashion still inspired by the modern era, but in fabrics and embroideries reminiscent of the oriental roots of women. Significance underlined by the jewelry Kate Sharma used and the dark blue sapphires for the oil color: all in full nineteenth-century style, but adorned with a legacy the young woman carries. Hui that Join Colors Of Indigo by Anthony BridgertonTo decide the love that will overwhelm them.

And to unite the women of Nawaat Sharma again purpleAnd “The color of first love” He is mentioned in an episode of Daphne Bridgerton, who will appear several times in the character’s costumes. Laces, jetting and shocks. Bridgeton 2 still pays I dive deeper into his characters In their great looks they find everything they feel and they can no longer hide it.

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