The House, the trailer for Netflix’s stop-motion horror

Airing on Netflix in January, The House is a three-part animated anthology by different authors, united thematically: the stop-motion is almost terrifying, gruesome, emphatic effect.

Netflix release Trailer for a movie from U.S Series Animation in stop motion authorized the homeComing into service in January 2022. These are three chapters produced by Anglo-American Nexus Studios, active in multiple sectors and multiple animation technologies (it debuted in 2002 with visual effects to try and catch me). Each clip is directed by different authors and follows different heroes, close to the artistic paths of these authors. However, all three events are connected to the same place: a mysteriously disturbing house…

The House, la trilogia animata in stop-motion su Netflix

Each of the three events related to the home Title House sees co-star. The main characters in the first story, set in the late nineteenth century and directed by Emma de Suef e Mark James Rawls (Awarded in Annecy for Ce magnifique gâteau! in 2018), are members of the Raymond family, who have fallen from grace accepting a proposal man of a good will Mysterious: It would hurt him badly.
In the second story, it revolves around the present day and is directed by him Nikki Lindroth from Bahr (2017 Annecy winner with the short film Min börda), A Mouse He decides to renovate the house to sell it quickly, but some unexpected guests will change his way of seeing things.
In the third and final chapter directed by Paloma pizza (already a BAFTA winner with a short Poles Apart), we’re at future. The world around the house has completely changed, but young landlord Rosa is determined to remain in the building now in ruins, to restore it and oppose change Now it is inevitable…

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