The “heat banks” that appeared in the UK as a result of the energy crisis

Danielle Garside is a 32-year-old single mother of two.

In recent months, while looking for work, he has taken refuge in a “heat bank” in Coventry, about a 3-hour drive from London.

He lives with the sum of the various social benefits given to him by the state, but his children have recently noticed that he can’t afford things normally.

And that is now, with inflation unleashed, He uses more than half of his monthly income to pay the gas and electricity bill.

“Sometimes I’m afraid to turn on the lights,” he told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS).

“You don’t know how much that will cost you. I Very concerned about the cold It’s been a few nights and it’s only going to get worse.”

The beginning of December in the UK ended with a treacherous blizzard temperatures below zero in a large part of the country.

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“It’s a very difficult period, especially now that Christmas is approaching,” he said.

“I had to explain to the kids that this year we won’t be able to spend a lot.”

Danielle told the BBC she was paying for Madi $62 a week for energy This stress affects their mental health.

In the last month the service provider separated the family and left them Without electricity for two days.

What Danielle is experiencing has become more Popular among families with less purchasing power from the uk.

An energy crisis, double-digit inflation and a harsh winter have left many unable to pay the bills.

In this context, an increasing number of so-called “heat banks” have sprung up across the country.

Home energy meter

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Many people in the UK have to choose between eating out or turning on the heat.

These spaces are generally located in a file Heated building where citizens can go during the day to stay warm without sending their household energy bills soaring.

They have become like a “living room” in a community center.

A woman opens her bag.

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Millions of people in the UK are currently at the crossroads of deciding whether to eat or pay their electricity and heating bills.

it’s a A suitable space to meet and stay caclient”, says Fiona Tobin, secretary of a Sunderland community association.

Your center has begun to receive More visitors than usual.

Danielle became a regular at one of them and thus was able to save on her energy bills.

In other regions, very similar measures have been taken aimed at keeping people warm.

hot soup

Mosterton City Council, for example, distributes hot soup every Thursday to those who come to the public building.

Anyone can come and eat homemade soup and bread Stay as long as you like to keep warm. This also helps them feel less isolated or alone, says Janet Snook, vice chair of the initiative’s organizing committee.

He says that the people who come are from Young parents with children for the elderlyincluding many people who live alone.

Ruth Forsyth

Ruth Forsythe

Roth hopes the center will be open all week for people who don’t want to catch a cold.

“Ideally We should not resort To provide warm spaces for people,” he says, but adds, “It’s an opportunity for them to meet and talk. It also gives people a break.”

Ruth Forsyth has helped create a cozy space at a health center in Glasgow’s Langside Church, after deciding to do something to help people in trouble this winter.

“We are a wellness project that is really open to people every day, with a program of activities,” he says.

They did a survey and found that more than 50 people in the area were interested in it Use a warm place for at least two hours each day.

They hope to stay open all week for those who cannot afford to heat their homes while at work.

People who work from home can come here. We have chargers, desks, and chairs. We will put up sofas and provide newspapers along with tea and coffee.”

The cost of living has gone up before United Kingdom 10.1% In the 12 months to September, the highest rate in 40 years, driven by sharp increases in energy and food prices.

United kingdom it’s a Major importer of oil, gas and coalIt accounts for about a third of its total needs, making it highly vulnerable to rising global energy prices.

Other elements of vulnerability in the UK include a A higher percentage of imported food.

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