The camera spotted him carrying the “Realgar” cover on his shoulder in a Beirut street … and this is what happened (photo)

The Public Relations Department of the Beirut Municipality said in a statement:
On 05/02/2021, and after information was available to the Beirut Guards Regiment command that a person was seen wandering around the Al-Rehab area – Al-Harish neighborhood (outside the city of Beirut), carrying an iron cover belonging to one of the rigars stolen from the streets of Beirut, it was obtained. A video clip from one of the surveillance cameras that spotted him carrying the Realgar cover on his shoulder, heading on his foot to a scrapyard in Mahalla, with the aim of selling it, but he was unable to do so because it was closed, and after information was received by an officer of the Guard Regiment about this person’s intention to go to Pura for scrap is located within the city of Beirut in an attempt to sell the Realgar cover, immediately members of the Guard Regiment in civilian clothes were dispatched and ambushed him on the outskirts of the Ard Jalloul area (within the city of Beirut), and upon his arrival at the place the Realgar cover was not in his possession. The guards were ordered to arrest him and take him to the regiment command for investigation. It turned out that he is a Lebanese national named “Sisi”, who was previously arrested by the security forces on charges of consuming Sylvia and Kif, and he is a member of a network specialized in stealing and facilitating the sale of blankets Riegart has admitted it He helped another person called (G.G.), a Syrian national, to transport the stolen rigar covers in order to facilitate their sale, and this is what really happened, as the rigar cover was sold to the so-called (F.S), a Palestinian, inside a scrapyard located on the outskirts of Al-Rehab area. According to the directives of the Governor of Beirut City, Judge Marwan Abboud, the detainee was handed over to the competent authorities in order to fulfill the legal requirement.

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