The giant and exotic potatoes the couple harvest could be the largest in the world

Colin and Donna Craig Brown were weeding their garden in New Zealand when their hoe suddenly hit something that seemed large underground. They dug in and never imagined that they would find strange and giant potatoes.

First, Colin thought it was a mushroom. He took a piece of the skin to taste and found that it was really a potato. “We couldn’t believe it,” Donna told the Associated Press. “It was huge.”

With this discovery, which occurred in late August, the couple’s small farm near Hamilton became famous. They even gave the potato a name – Doug – and created a page on Facebook social networking site or tuber;

Donna Craig Brown and her husband stumbled upon the potato and try to score the world’s largest potato in the Guinness Book.

Photo: Colin Craig-Brown / Personal Archive / AP

“It’s all a little fun,” said Colin, who couldn’t explain how the potatoes grew in his garden. “It’s amazing what entertains people.” “It’s a mystery to me,” he said.

According to the weight of the spouses, potatoes weigh 7.8 kg. The current owner of the Guinness Book of Records for the largest potato in the world weighs 5 kg, and it was found in England.

The pair have already called up the record-breaking team to have Doug recognized as the new record holder.

However, over time the potatoes dried up and lost weight. Mold started growing around her. The solution was to put it in the fridge where it stays.

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