The Gehrig twins, who are professional cyclists, to run a hotel in Switzerland

Anita and Caroline Gehrig will leave the Enduro World Series to open their own cycling hotel in Flims, in the Swiss Alps.

Anita and Caroline Gehrig (Georg’s twins), dedicated exclusively to mountain bike competitions for over 10 years.

The Enduro It’s their passion, and in recent seasons, both have been regular players in the most important competition in the world of this method, Enduro World Championship.

But everything ends in this life, although not completely.

Gehrig Twins, this is how twin cyclists are known in the mountain biking world

Anita and Caroline won’t shut down the bike, just number, at least for now.

They both have a new plan, a new chapter in their lives, that will occupy most of their time.

He unites three of his greatest passions, such as mountain biking, coffee and sharing experiences with cyclists from all over the world, The Gehrig Twins will open the doors of a very special hotel this summer.

Specifically, the chosen date is June 3, 2022.

Flame Mountain Lodge

The the hotel In a pinch, it’s not just a reception, rooms and a restaurant.

They will both be responsible for managing it, entertaining it and making it grow.

The name they gave him is Flame Mountain LodgeYou will fall into one of the most beautiful valleys in the world Swiss Alps, Flims.

During the summer months, guests, mostly mountain bikers, can enjoy a unique experience with Anita and Carlin.

They will both set up camps for cyclists, guide bike paths, offer concerts and movie sessions, the best coffee in the Alps.

But there is much more than that.

The twins will also serve up delicious meals on the premises and offer their clients the opportunity to unwind after each bike ride.

SlicesIn addition to having an extensive network of trails and lakes where you can snorkel and other summer activities, it has its own bike park with a chair lift.

If you want to know more about this hotel for mountain bike lovers located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, you can visit the website of Flame Mountain Lodge.

Anita and Caroline Gehrig will leave high competition, but not their passion, mountain biking, and they will join a new side that will surely bring them a lot of happiness.

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