The future healthcare application in the region of Hachenburg

News from January 17, 2021

Local and future health care is of particular importance in rural areas. At an on-site meeting, CDU-VG mayoral candidate Stefan Lukkil got information from local mayor Birgitta Käckermann about the condition of the new hospital building planned by the community in Mösschenbach.

Local Mayor Birgitta Käckermann and VG Mayor candidate Stephan Lokkerman on the site of the planned new hospital building outside the gates of Hachchenberg. Photo: Private

Hachenburg. One of the prerequisites for the implementation of the project is that the DRK carrier can seize the property. Stefan Lukel, who is also a member of the DRK Board of Trustees in Hachenburg, praised local mayor Birgitta Käckermann and the local council for community participation in property negotiations with more than 30 owners, which was led by the sponsoring DRK firm. Käckermann and Leukel thank the property owners and farmers concerned for their willingness to make an important contribution to the implementation of the ambitious project with the transfer of ownership. They emphasized that the local authority is making every effort to implement the new building as soon as possible.

With a new hospital building, future protective basic medical care can be implemented for the entire area. In Stefan Lukell’s opinion, this should include an obstetrics and stroke unit (stroke department) as well as a pediatric (pediatrics) department. Käckermann and Leukel are convinced that the planned new hospital building also includes benefits for the local general practitioner and specialist care. A good addition between inpatient and outpatient care is beneficial to all involved (patients, doctors, and nurses). (evening)

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