ANDROID: Google alert for millions of phones

Male in appearance It is in the middle of a very important alert issued by Google to hundreds of millions of phones around the world, including targeting users of Windows computers. Google discovered two sophisticated attacks that used security flaws in Android and Windows to target users around the world, and the goals are isolation against these complex attacks, unfortunately for everyone affected by the situation.

Male in appearance It was attacked at the OS level by Google Chrome, as the browser that had its vulnerability was launched and then hackers exploited the operating system of phones. The same thing happened with Windows, where Google Chrome was also the entry point to the operating system, after which another vulnerability was used, so the tactic is the same in the case of Android OS.

Android: Google ALERT for millions of phones

Male in appearance Windows and Windows were attacked by dedicated servers, and Google says it was a sophisticated and well-thought-out exploit to attack users. This means that hackers have worked long enough to exploit Android and Windows systems, and they discovered the security holes that they discovered that they no longer exist, i.e. unknown until they were used against users all over the world, hence the big problem.

Male in appearance It usually resolves very quickly any kind of problem that Google detects but in case of unknown issues, like this one, it is not easy to fix the situation completely. Despite this, Google quickly resolved the issues faced by Android users, but now it shows how complex this extremely dangerous attack is, and that users must install the latest updates available. .

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Male in appearance It will still be a major target for hackers due to the fact that it is very popular all over the world which is why it is possible to see more situations like this.

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