The future government as seen by American scholars. Jones and Driessen analysis

The leader of the Italian Brotherhood is characterized as a neo-fascist or populist, but the analysis is more complex. Driessen (Jcu) and Jones (Eui) explain how Meloni will have to balance government commitments with belonging to the international political line that has grown in recent years, Catholic supremacy

The results of the Italian elections were greeted with concern in the Anglo-Saxon liberal world, what are foreign impressions of the next government? Is there a danger to the Italian position at the international level? talk about it with Eric JonesDirector of the Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute, H Michael DresssenAssociate Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs at John Cabot University.

We have seen that the victory of the Brothers of Italy was greeted by newspapers in the Anglo-Saxon world with very disturbing headlines. But Georgia Meloni seems to be doing her best to reassure peoples.

Eric Jones – For now, I think Meloni will continue to play wisely and with moderation, and also to have access to the European money that is so much needed for Italy. I don’t think it is appropriate for you to start battles with European institutions or with NATO. The period is difficult and between inflation and the cost of energy the government will find itself managing a deadly situation. I have just visited Brussels, and the atmosphere is full of questions, words Ursula von der Leyen They are a model for the suspicion that exists among the institutions of society. Berlusconi And the Salvini They are clearly unknown operators, and they have done little to dispel doubts due to the release of sanctions and Ukraine. American investors are completely afraid of their potential roles in government, and much prefer Meloni.

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There is talk of calming Brussels and the markets with trusted ministers’ names. We are talking about Fabio Panetta To the Ministry of Economy and Finance, but I’m not convinced it’s a good idea for him to go back to Italy. Among other things, it would be better for Meloni to have a minister who aligns with his positions, and not one with whom you argue about everything. I don’t think Tremonti really wants to be a minister. regarding the Dragon I don’t think he’s even considering a role in Italy behind the scenes. If you do not decide to retire to private life, there are many international organizations that you would like to have, this may help your country in other contexts.

The Italian elections, the exploits of the far-right in Sweden, Fox in Spain, Le Pen in France, Trump in the United States, and then there is Eastern Europe. Are we witnessing a crisis of confidence in liberal democracy in the West?

Michael Driessen – I have read the results of these elections in the context of recent literature on the undermining of democracy, the loss of vigor and the strengthening of democracy, and these elections are further confirmation of this concern. It certainly should be framed within this challenge. Academic literature tells us different things about motivation. Some are still certainly associated with the 2008 crisis, slowing growth and rising inequalities, and we must not forget this aspect of populism. Then there is the polarization. They are located in the United States and Europe drivers different, but certainly we notice a rearrangement of the values ​​that leads to an existential division between two fields. I am above all an expert on the political side of religion, and I see a lot of this phenomenon on Giorgia Meloni. Meloni’s connection to a world Christian conservatives Americans are very important, and he was one of the first to actually bless Meloni Mike PompeoOne of the main characters in this movement.

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Do you believe in the danger to the democratic estate, as some international newspapers wrote?

Michael Driessen – Good question, hard to answer. This phenomenon should certainly not be underestimated. The Catholic supremacy which is developing throughout Europe has reached a profound intellectual critique of the liberal democratic order, and it is necessary to understand in which direction and how far it is going. Of course, ten years ago I would not have given the same weight to these criticisms. Meloni has little experience in government, and it will be necessary to know who he chooses on his team. It certainly has the potential to create conflict and polarization. I am very confident in the democratic system and I think it is important not to exaggerate the rhetoric of threats. The leader of the Brothers of Italy was democratically elected.

Is there room for maneuver for the alliance to open up to Russia?

Michael Driessen – Meloni has an interesting site. On the one hand, he tried to assert his loyalty to the Atlantic spread, much more than Berlusconi and Salvini. On the other hand, it represents a large section of the right-wing electorate who would like to negotiate. I doubt he’ll be able to do that because he doesn’t yet have the international prestige to negotiate, but he can do something about sanctions. Ironically, they agree with Pope Francesco This could give them political space to exploit. Certainly, if they choose this path, they will face a lot of counter-pressure from the United States, which is the main reason why there is probably no change of line. Washington takes a very clear line on the victory of Ukraine, opposing any negotiations regarding the liquidation of territory in favor of Moscow. How long the US will continue to support Kyiv is a good question, but at least that is what it is now.

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