The former SAP Business Council Chairman appears to be facing termination

On Monday, Chairman succulentsWorks Council, Ralph Z. , retires from office. Now it looks like he’s about to be kicked out of the software company.

Spokesman Dax“We can confirm that the SAP SE Business Council has approved the extraordinary termination of the former WB chairman,” a Walldorf-based group said about relevant information from the WB circles. The next steps will now be started. Details not provided, Labor Council members have special protection against dismissal.

“Ultimate care, corporate governance, and privacy protection for those involved,” a SAP spokesperson said about the termination. The company has launched internal investigations against both Z. and another business board.

Z., who is now about to be notified, allegedly during the investigation against a colleague from the works and the supervisory board “made it difficult to clarify the matter, suppressed circumstantial facts” and tried “to prevent the truth from being confirmed”, according to dpa news agency documents.

It is said that the colleague committed wage fraud

SAP investigated colleague Z internally after a whistleblower reported suspected pay fraud. He allegedly took leave without properly counting it. The former head of the Labor Council is said to have tampered with the emails in this context.

At the beginning of the week, he said “g.” Resignation was “not an easy decision” for Rhein-Necker-Zeitung newspaper. He did not respond to his motives. According to an email from the committee, Z. immediately announced his resignation Friday evening. The current deputy, Natalie Boulaye, will be the interim successor.

Internal investigations into wrongdoing at the software company’s business council have been known for a few weeks, but so far only one member of the business council has been mentioned in this context.

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The Heidelberg Public Prosecutor is also investigating the allegedly tampered Supervisory Board elections to attempt fraudulent actions. Prosecutors are investigating the suspicion that a SAP employee should be charged €500,000 to assist the work council in electing employee representatives to the supervisory board.

The case became known after the Heidelberg Regional Court classified the underlying contract as immoral in a legal dispute.

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