The first Amazon consortium in the United States threatens to fail

FTo form the first US union representation in the Internet mail order giant Amazon A majority has yet to appear. After a similar vote among the employees of his largest logistics center in Bismere (Alabama), the provisional result of the count became known: according to this, the votes were not ahead of 1100, and only 463 employees were in favor of the representation union.

More than 5,800 employees were asked to vote, and ultimately 3,200 did so. The count should continue on Friday, and the result can be determined in the afternoon German time. A simple majority suffices.

Federation: Amazon behaved in a “disgraceful” way

The mobilization campaign for voting was launched fiercely on both sides and sparked a nationwide debate about working conditions at Amazon with 800,000 US employees. The RWDSU Retail Consortium is represented by the staff at Bicemer. Unions Politicians have long complained that Amazon employees are under constant pressure and control.

Amazon itself took decisive action against the plans. In the logistics center, the administration has spoken out against the unions at conferences and even on flyers in the toilets. She created a website where she argued why the union was not necessary. The company says it pays above average wages and grants.

RWDSU union president, Stuart Appelbaum, announced that he would complain about the group’s “outrageous” behavior during the mobilization campaign. He accused Amazon of profiting from a “broken system”.

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