The Finnish League and Nike donate headscarves to its players to promote equality

To be able to play soccer, you need equipment Essential for developing all physical skills, from the right shoes to the shirt and In Finland they realize this, which is why they started an initiative to donate hijabs to promote equality.

The National Subway Association, the first division name for Finland, seeks to promote equality, as well as take into account the different origins of the green rectangle. That is why Nike joined to donate this scarf.

This movement by Finland’s sports brand and league runs counter to potential bans on hijabs, such as The The Senate of France The vote was taken so that minors could not wear this dress, in an effort to prevent girls from wearing the religious headscarf worn by Muslim women..

At the beginning of April, France sought to ban the headscarf, but not only that, They also seek to ban the use of Burqini in public swimming pools and beaches, A swimsuit that covers the human body completely and is used by the Islamic religion as well.

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Heidi Pelaga, Finland Football Association Development DirectorHe said in a statement:Finland is increasingly diverse and we want to take different needs into more consideration when girls become part of the football family. With our example, we hope to encourage other sports federations to participate in promoting equality in the practice of sport and sport.“.

Within the framework of the fiftieth anniversary of the League in Finland the primary goal is to prevent discrimination and racism that all sports activitiesEspecially football. “Sport has the power to make the world a better place, and our vision is to make sport a part of everyday life.David Nordbeck is a Nike employee.

Finland for equality in football

The veil is not the only equality-seeking movement seen in FinlandThe European country has demonstrated that it is one step ahead of all initiatives in the field of sport and gender equality, and in 2020, an important change has been made.

In 2020, The Football Association of Finland has changed the name of the Women’s League, which is its official name, to the National League. With this shift, they sought to bring about a coup in power and to declare the sport equal.

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Racism was also another issue that Finland sought to eliminate in its unionBecause the first-division players took a stand against any racist expression:Sport is not without social problems, so the Football Association considers it important to actively participate in discussions to change the world and attitudesSaid Ari Lahti, president of the Football Association.

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