James Gallagher wins lawsuit against Gavin Newsom – Chico Enterprise-Record

Sacramento – General Assembly member James Gallagher and Kevin Kelly formally won the lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom.

On Friday, Sutter Supreme Court Judge Sarah Hickman in her latest nine-page ruling that Newsom abused his power by changing state law in violation of the California constitution during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision makes its November 2 ruling final and deprives Newsom of the power under the California Emergency Services Act to amend, change or change any existing statute or enact a new statutory code for legislative policy.

Gallagher welcomed the ruling in a statement.

“Today, the court confirmed that Gavin Newsom does not govern California and that we are still a state of laws,” he said. “California has not served it well by one-man rule. Returning to representative government will be better for public health and the economy. The governor must accept this ruling as a fundamental principle of our democracy and govern himself accordingly.”

The lawsuit filed by the Board members arose out of Executive Order N-67-20. This order was issued on June 3, directing general elections to be a postal vote. Newsom tried to argue that the issue was moot because the Legislative Council addressed the elections.

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