The federal government wants to boost cyberspace as part of the G7 presidency

Germany holds the presidency of the Group of Seven nations this year. The Federal Republic would like to place special emphasis on cyber security on the agenda. (Photo: BS/xresch,

Germany has held the G7 presidency since January this year. As one of the topics, the Federal Republic would like to talk to its partners about “responsible state behavior in cyberspace”. The coalition announced that the topic had already been taken up in a UN working group in which the federal government participated. Other digital issues are also high on the G7’s federal government priorities and in the national context.

The Federal Government understands that responsible action in cyberspace means, above all, the development of confidence-building measures, common principles of capacity building in cybersecurity and the implementation or enforcement of international law in cyberspace. When it comes to capacity expansion, the Federal Government would like in particular to establish a legal and regulatory framework, promote the development of strategy, technical equipment, and cyber-diplomacy, and intensify training and additional education for specialized personnel. A working group at the United Nations is already working on corresponding proposals. According to the federal government, this work must now also be addressed within the G7 countries.

Furthermore, special attention should be given to securing critical infrastructure. The federal government notes that these infrastructures are “so closely linked that a cyber attack is often not limited to a target target or country”. With the growing importance of the transport, energy and communications sectors, it is important to effectively counter cyber threats to infrastructures and to promote exchange and cooperation between these institutions.

But Germany doesn’t just want to set new standards in cybersecurity policy during the G7 presidency. Also in the field of international digital policy, the focus is on value-based and innovation-enhancing regulation of new technologies and digital markets, ensuring the safe, non-discriminatory and self-designed use of digital technologies, the federal government said in a written response to a small question from the CDU/CSU Parliamentary Group in Bundestag with.

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