The Fabric of Dreams of Music, Space and Light Concert “melaTONin” by trio.s at the Celle Art Museum – Celler Presse

Seely. Everyone spends a third of their lives sleeping. What happens to us
asleep? The musicians from trio.s – Susan, take a musical approach to this question
Gebrini (Mizobrane), Sonia Catalano (Alto) and Goran Stefanoic (Accordion) – in collaboration with
Manuela Hartell (forecast).

In the concert “melaTONin”, the trio of musician and video artist draws with sound, song, text and color
And light after a full sleep cycle. In an unusual mixture of folk and
Artistic songs, poetry, texts from sleep research and projected images incorporate audio,
Performances and a multimedia experience space that cuddles party guests as they sleep.
At first glance, the trio’s musical line-up looks surprising: two warm and deep tones
Women’s voices meet with an accordion. What connects musicians is that
The desire to overcome the thresholds between music and audience and in erotic constellations
To create new musical experiences.

The concert will be held twice in a row on November 24 at the Kunstmuseum Celle. the beginning
It’s 7 p.m. (Party 1) and 9 p.m. (Party 2). Participation in the party is limited to 22 people
Limited. Tickets cost €22 / €16 reduced / €50 support ticket. Order tickets at 0176/70620772 or [email protected] Acceptance 20 minutes before the start of the concert. Access is subject to 3G rule. More information at and

Sil . Art Museum
With the Robert Simon group
Schlossplatz 7
29,221 Cels
phone. (05141) 12 45 21

Tue-Sun 11am-5pm (at the museum | collection, special exhibitions)
Daily 5-11am (Outside | International Light Art)

Public relations
Photographs: Helge Krokberg

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