The expert called an important function that should not be disabled in Xiaomi smartphones

This material will be of interest to users who want to know the consequences of disabling the MIUI optimization function. Xiaomi smartphone specialist from the On Svyaz channel spoke about why it was not turned off.


Here are the “effects” that may appear on some smartphones in the Xiaomi ecosystem:

  • Appear in the settings of new items that are atypical for these solutions. For example, state employees may have Redmi AOD.
  • Change the look of application icons.
  • Incorrect display of contacts.
  • The option to set your own melodies and ringtones for a call is gone.
  • Not receiving notifications from apps.
  • Decrease in free RAM due to incorrect allocation of RAM.
  • Incorrect information about the state of storage (most often – in the “Other” subsection).
  • Auto turn off/insert screen during conversation.
  • Incorrect display of fonts.
  • Fast battery discharge due to the automatic increase in operating frequency.
  • Reset the DPI settings to default.
  • The smartphone refused to respond to commands from three fingers.
  • Screen flickering (most common on Poco models that support 120Hz refresh rate).

If, after all of the above, you still want to resort to improvement – good luck! The command to restore the default values ​​will help reverse the situation. To do this, you need to go into the “Developers menu”, scroll down and return to the previous state (see the screenshot attached below).

Consequences of improving MIUI

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